Sunday Morning Series: I Samuel

After all the turmoil present throughout the period of the Judges, what would God use to get the nation of Israel back on track? It turns out: a barren woman's cry, the birth of the first prophet, an initial king unfortunately just like they deserved, and then eventually – a man after God's own heart to lead them. 


Come learn with us during the Sunday morning services at 10:30 A.M.


1 John              Join the adults during the 9:00 hour for this study.

The Disciple, John, was known to be one of the closest to Jesus Christ and yet, one of the last to die. Take a look at this special man and see what concerns him as he reaches the end of his life. Why does he seem to write in circles? What is his obsession with light all about? Did he guess wrong about Christ's coming? How do we spot antichrists? What do believers behave like? Do we need a good lawyer when we die? We will explore these questions and more as we study I John.