In addition to the personal responsibility we each have, to tell others about Jesus, the following events are usually provided throughout the year:


Annual Church Camp-out (Cascades Christian Camp- Yelm, WA): Though this is often a chance for those who are already part of our body to reconnect, almost every year we are honored to welcome people to this event who aren't regular members of our church.  This is a great opportunity for GCC members to invite friends and family to join with us in enjoying God's beautiful creation, singing His praises together around the campfire, and hearing the Bible taught in a refreshingly natural setting. Though the camp-out runs from Friday through Sunday, newcomers (and those with scheduling conflicts or aversions to camping) typically come for the day on Saturday.

In addition to the previously mentioned activities, we also enjoy scenic hikes, lake-swimming, canoeing, outdoor leisure, delicious food, and more!

BBQs and Picnics: We usually have a few of these events at various locations and points during the summer, and they are always a great time!  It doesn't matter if you're a long-time member or you've only been to our church for one Sunday- we would love to have you join us!  These times of relaxing and chatting in an unhurried setting are a great opportunity for meaningful conversations and the building of God-honoring friendships.  Check the Year-at-a-Glance page for an up-to-date calendar with specific dates.



Christmas Food Drive:  Eating hearty and delicious meals is a tradition in almost all families during the holidays, but for many in the Tacoma area, this important point of family connection is dampened by a lack of food.  Jesus calls us to provide where and when we can for the practical needs of our neighbors, and this is one major way our church does that.  As fall approaches, consider buying more non-perishable items than you need and setting them aside for this important service opportunity.  We usually collect these goods for several Sundays in a row, and then spend about an hour after church one day sorting it all into bags to donate to local families.  Even the youngest members of our body get involved, and it's an effort that is always buzzing with joy, showing that it really is "more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)


Winter & Spring

Group Donation/ Gift: In the past few years, we have chosen to give back to both our local and global community in various ways- always with the goal of giving from grateful hearts, and being generous with God's resources.  Here are just a few examples of programs that we have contributed toward and participated in as a group (and options we may choose again in the future):

  • Heifer International
  • The Rescue Mission
  • Care Net Baby Bottle Campaign

As with everything else in the Christian life, we continue to be open to God's leading through the Holy Spirit—which means we must be flexible and willing to obey His voice.  We try to keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open to the needs around us, and respond accordingly with the resources God has given our modest group.  Expect to see this page change as God leads us in ministry as He sees fit!