Our Leadership



Beginning September 11,2022 Grace Community Church is embarking on an exciting new era! We are exploring the possibility of combining the Spiritual Bodies of at least 3 Churches in the Tacoma area in order to reach more people with a common message of the Gospel!

Currently, Bruce Cowan is one whom the Holy Spirit has given as an elder here.  

This new venture has blessed GCC with several new speakers as we make this transition. Matthew Richey will be resident speaker for the immediate future. Presently, the work of leadership over our body remains with the local elder and our  Board of Directors.  In lieu of an online bio of each, come this Sunday and talk with us in person.  We would be delighted to meet you!


Preaching                      Matthew Richey, and others

Board of Directors        Bruce Cowan, Steve MacKay, Yoshi Marinko, Yontz Miller

Finances                        Bruce Cowan

Music Lead                    Scott DeSart, Yoshi Marinko

Sound                             Lee White

Video                              Bruce Cowan

Website                          Bruce Cowan, Tyler Pease