Our History

Grace Community Church first began to meet in March of 1983. After short stays in several places, the church ended up meeting at Charles Wright Academy, a private school in University Place on the southwestern edge of Tacoma.

That venue turned out to be our home for the next 18 years! Though we felt fairly invisible to the community, it was a stable location that allowed us to grow deeper in our relationships with the Lord Jesus and with one another.

In March of 2003, the Lord motivated us to look into other options, such as leasing commercial space, or perhaps even buying. An old but suitable building was found to purchase, and on October 12, 2003 we had our first worship service at the first place we could call our own—8243 South Park Avenue, located in the historic Fern Hill area of Tacoma. We are excited to be here, and look forward to how the Lord will use us to reach out in this neighborhood.

We are not a large group, but we are always growing- whether by welcoming little ones into our own families, becoming a church home for military families to stay until their next move, or having open arms to receive those who find us online or by word of mouth.  God uses many means to add to our number and equip the members of His body for His service, with all parts working together for His glory and by His strength.

We are serious about the Lord Jesus, sitting under His Word, and encouraging one another toward depth, faithfulness, and obedience. We aim to function as a true spiritual family.